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About Us

Compliance Solutions, Intl. (CSI) is a proprietary name of Health Communications, Inc. (www.gettips.com), the leading provider of alcohol education for the hospitality industry.

Compliance Solutions was founded in 2005 to share our 25+ years of experience in capturing, managing and reporting information generated from millions of training records with partners around the world. The challenges of managing the flow of data, and assuring records are available instantly years after the fact, led to unique solutions to problems that institutions often face in maintaining large volumes of information. Compliance Solutions system have a proven record of storing images and capturing data from millions of forms a year, and has built reliable, scalable systems that are relied upon by millions users a from a wide range of industries and many service levels. From students to instructors, employers, insurers and regulators Compliance Solutions patented processes are built for your success.

Compliance Solutions provides capable and cost-effective solutions for managing information for training providers of any size.