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Course Marketing and Registration

Marketing your classroom or online courses, as well as providing a full-featured online registration system for prospective students can be technically challenging for any educational organization.  If you’d like to provide personalized portals for students, faculty and administrators the cost and complexity increases dramatically. 

If you’d like to avoid going into the technology business, consider outsourcing to Compliance Solutions, Intl.

We have years of experience providing customized online course catalogs and registration systems for educational providers, like J.Wiley (www.haccp-training.com) and Health Communications (www.gettips.com) that seamlessly integrate with their own web-sites.  When paired with Solutions of hosting SCORM-compliance courses, hosting SCORM-compliance Exams and Survey and educational portals, we can provide a complete “Virtual University” solution that encompasses both classroom and online training.

Unlike some providers we treat your students as customers, giving prospective, current and past students unique web portals that allow them to:

  • View and register for classes, as well as attend online courses
  • Request classes and interact with potential instructors
  • Review past attendance and student records
  • Take surveys and exams
  • Obtain status appropriate documents and materials
  • And avail themselves of a variety of self-help tools that will reduce your customer service costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Our portals were also designed around the needs of instructors, employers and administrators to manage all of the records created by the educational process:

  • Employers can obtain portals that allow them to review and report on courses and certifications taken by their employees. 
  • Teachers can provide libraries of course materials to current and prospective students, as well as review and maintain course attendance records.
  • Administrators can manage courses and instructors; review class requests and pair them with instructors and classes; manage student records and related exam, contact and organization information and report on everything in a range of formats.

If your primary concern is enhancing the sales process, our systems can either connect prospective students with independent instructors, an online course offering, or your own scheduled lists of classes.  Whether your organization is for-profit or non-profit, directly or indirectly instructs students, provides credits or certifications, or is modeled on the train-the-trainer format we can help manage all of the information necessary to get students into classes, and to make sure their educational needs are met as cost-effectively as possible.

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