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Hosting SCORM Compliant Courses

In the last few years elearning has become widely validated and accepted as a legitimate instructional format for many types of education and training.  The value and efficacy of elearning is no longer in doubt.  Fortunately, standards have also evolved that allow organizations of any size to author online courses. 

For smaller organizations, though, being able to host courses, as well as an associated course management and registration system can be a costly and technically complex barrier to providing education online.

Compliance Solutions can help.  We can take your SCORM 1.2, 1.3 or 2004 compliant courses, authored with any of the popular tools such as Adobe Captivate, Lectora, ProForm or so forth and:

  • Provide a home page for your course or courses where you can supply prospective students with marketing information, as well as points of entry for prospective and returning students.
  • Provide a course catalog (or a link to one for your own web site) with your logo, fonts, colors and other personalization.
  • Provide registration and payment services for courses, and a student portal for each registrant.
  • Optionally provide a certification exam at the end of the course that you author and we host.
  • Optionally generate and mail printed certification or course completion documents to students.
  • Provide a portal to course providers that allow you to manage your registration and student information, view training activity and records generated, interact with students and assist them with issues, or market new courses.

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Hosting SCORM Compliant Exams & Surveys