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Hosting SCORM Compliant Exams & Surveys

If your organization would like to provide and manage secure and personalized certification exams and surveys, or any other sort of assessment, Compliance Solutions can help.  Our standards-based assessment system can deliver aesthetically pleasing and functional exams to the most demanding legal and technical requirements, and provide the results to your SCORM-compliant LMS or through a customized portal.

Our service includes:

  • Administer your assessment and review results through a dedicated administrative web portal.
  • Invite people in your database to take an assessment, and automatically generate email messages with links.
  • Provide named and anomymous assessments, and enable access to those exams through our voucher system. For a demonstration of this service, please Request a Demonstration
  • Prepare a summary report on assessment results.
  • Include single/multi-choice questions, true/false, text matching and free-form text questions.
  • Optionally require time limits or secure connections.
  • Provide instant results within the exam or later through personalized portals (see our section on Educational Portals for details)
  • Personalize the fonts, colors, background and even layout of your assessment to match your web-site or educational program.
  • Optionally have us generate and mail completion certificates or documents to assessment takers.

Contact us for a cost-effective and personalized solution.


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