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Legal Information Databases

Many organizations are in the business of managing products, services or training that involve a body of regulatory or legal information. Compliance Solutions can provide a portal for your firm or customers which allows you to maintain, organize and present databases of legal or regulatory information.  Features include:

  • A simple-to-use tabbed interface allows you to organize information easily by main and sub-topics on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis.
  • Sell subscriptions to your database to customers, or have us sell them for you.
  • Customers can generate reports, request email notifications when regulations change, export data, and access contact or related information for more details.
  • Provide documents related to individual topics in your database, and link a jurisdiction to a collection of documents on that jurisdiction.
  • Integrate the legal information with relevant training records in educational portals for the use of a trainers, students, etc. (see Educational Portals for more details)

One such portal that we provide is a comprehensive database of alcohol regulatory data eBevLaw (www.ebevlaw.com).  Click here to view the eBevLaw Demo.

eBevLaw provides the latest regulations, laws and liability restrictions related to the sale, consumption and promotion of alcoholic beverages. This service provides reporting and update notifications, as well as resources for all of your alcohol-related legal questions. With this database, you might now know if you are breaking any of the myriad of applicable state and local laws which could make you liable for fines, permit suspensions, and even criminal sanctions.

Subscriptions to this service are either offered to individuals, or to all employees on a organization-wide basis.  For eBevLaw, this is:

Individual eBevLaw Subscription - $349.95 per user for a complete subscription (1 year).

eBevLaw Corporate-wide Access Subscription:

1 - 50 (Sites)
51 - 100 (Sites)
101 - 150 (Sites)
151 - 200 (Sites)
201 - 250 (Sites)
251 - 300 (Sites)
301 - 400 (Sites)
401 - 500 (Sites)
501 - + (Sites)

If your organization would like to capitalize on your depth-of-expertise, we can help.



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