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Classroom Document Management

Despite what you might think from using the Internet, Not all education occurs online. Educational organizations of all sizes instruct millions of people a year in classrooms in the United States alone.  These educational programs generate reams of paper and official documents necessary for credentials and certifications.  Livelihoods often depend on this paper being correct, and the training processes that generated it be validated.  Instructors depend on accurate records to assure that outcomes are measurable.

We can manage all of the administrative tasks associated with traditional classroom training, including:

  • Design of exams and related classroom forms, processes and procedures.
  • Scanning, data/image capture and archival of answer sheets and other scannable forms.
  • Cleaning/standardization/geo-coding of captured data using industry-leading software from NCS, SASS and others.
  • Automatic notifications and reports can be generated as part of the capture workflow.
  • Generation of certification documents, and automated compliance with government regulatory requirements.
  • Access to data and captured images through dedicated portals (see Educational Portals for more information).

Pricing for this is based on a quote only. Usually, we provide a proposal, which leads to a contract, and is highly dependent on the circumstances of the customer and the education being provided.


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